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Obtaining Details

Obtaining the task and planning the house with agreement from the architect.


Cost Determination

Agreement on the cost and timing of design, the approximate budget for construction, and costs for furniture and interior materials. This includes analysis of the scope of work on the project and discussion of the cost of all services included in the development of a complete interior design.


Approval of Price

Creation and approval of the Price Offer. Each project requires an individual approach. All these nuances affect the time and cost of various resources:

  • type of house (residential private house, apartment, cafe, restaurant, office, hotel, house for rent)
  • total area of the house and the number of rooms
  • the selected design style
  • the difficulties in the design of the house
  • the main task to be solved by the design

Signing the Contract

The signing of the contract signifies acceptance of the project and its terms. Additionally, this commences the project.


Technical Task

Completion of the Technical Task document. This includes the collection of reference interior images. This is to serve as the foundation upon  which the design of the future house will be developed.


Furniture Planning & Concept

Based on the collected information, the development of furniture planning and the conceptual solution. Both a flat and 3D plan of the whole house (gray model) are formed. The planning decision is presented to the client and describes where the furniture is located. Everything is clearly agreed upon and added to the project details. At this point, the client must agree that the planning decision meets their requirements.


3D Visualization

Development of 3D interior visualization in accordance with the agreed planning decisions (this is typically the longest stage, with an approximate duration of one month).


Project Presentation

All developed 3D Visualizations are collected and sent for approval. The client must review the visualizations and send comments and feelings regarding the  design. If there are adjustments, they are made by the designer. The agreed price includes one round of adjustments.



A complete package of working documentation for the implementation of the agreed-upon design:

1.  Project recommendations
2.  The plan of measurements
3.  The specification of project alterations
4.  Dismantling plan (if requested)
5.  Assembly plan (if requested)
6.  The post-reconfiguration plan (if requested)
7.  Furniture plan (2D; 3D format)
8.  The specifications of sanitary ware
9.  The plan of placement of illumination devices
10.  The plan of illumination and switches group
11.  The sockets and electrical leads plan
12.  The specifications of illumination and electrical equipment
13.  The flooring plan
14.  The plan for filling the doorways
15.  The specifications of doors
16.  The ceiling plan
17.  Ceiling cuts
18.  Drawings of the kitchen cabinets
19.  Drawings of the wardrobe systems
20.  Drawings of the individual positions of furniture
21.  The developed view of the walls of the room
22.  Specifications of furniture, elements, and interior materials (the specification defines an example of textures - wood, concrete, metal, NCS color catalog)