Yana PrYdalna
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Yana Prydalna

Yana Prydalna’s story begins in Ukraine, where she was born.

Ever since a young age, Yana has been entranced by design. As a child, Yana loved peeking out windows and always had a desire to visit her neighbors to see how they designed their homes. Drawing out plans of houses on the asphalt, Yana did not realize, but her path to becoming an interior designer was already unfolding.

Now based-in Sacramento, California, Yana serves clients who are bold, unusual, and ready to transform their homes into spaces unlike anything most have seen before. Together with her clients, Yana creates spaces that plow new paths in the design world.

Designing in the styles of Wabi-Sabi, Modern, and Minimalist, Yana draws inspiration from the abundant beauty in nature. Yana was attracted to Wabi-Sabi as it emphasizes the depth and texture of natural materials and objects with the soul and breath of eternity. Unlike many design studios, Yana stands apart for her ability to create spaces that tell stories.