Yana PrYdalna
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The aesthetics of the style in which we will work are characterized by and include austerity, asymmetry, depth of space, cave motifs, the contrast of cold stone with the warm color of aged wood. The imperfections of the forms emphasize the close connection with nature. Only nature inspires us to create our interior.


Furniture & Materials

We select furniture that is made of natural materials and has a concise shape and "soul". Furniture should not load the space, but on the contrary, emphasize the comfort and depth of the room. Each space should be designed concisely and comfortably, according to the size of the project without incomprehensible details and protrusions. Use of aged wood, decorative plaster, micro-cement, concrete, glass, and metal is relied upon to sculpt the environment.



With competent lighting, not only do you decorate the room and give it a stylish look, but also cheat on repairs - even a simple design with remotely selected accents can incite bohemian, elegant, or restrained environments, depending on the desired effect.



We do not use more than three colors in any room. The interior should have one main color - white, gray, or beige. It should be the background to create an interior design. Do not use bright and open colors in large quantities. They should be accented. There is a palette of colors that match each other in proportion while also complementing each other.



We use only natural decor that complement and create a pleasant, individual, and deep atmosphere in the house. These can be large clay jugs, pampas of dried flowers, wicker pots and baskets, jute carpets and woven products, macrame on the walls, clay vases and pots, (especially when they are large), and linen textiles and dark dishes.


Furniture Composition

With the arrangement of furniture, main and secondary zones arise, as do communication areas and private rooms. Furniture planning depends on the area of projects, the number of windows, and the availability of communication. Practical in implementation, all elements should be easily accessible and simple.